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Ever since the emergence of our very first prototype in 1999, exceptional manufacturing know-how has gone into the creation of all our products.

Unlike other brands, we aren’t satisfied with simply purchasing a final product, but insist on verifying every stage of the production process. Before being approved, all our products are tested twice. Our designs are first created in Hossegor, then sent to partners in France, Italy, and Portugal for production. Each of our partners is responsible for different parts of a product (such as an undergarment), and has been working with us since the beginning. These long-term collaborations enable us to continuously improve the quality of our products and develop technical solutions that bring our creativity to life.

All Pullin product lines are developed in accordance with our “Comfort – Originality – Quality” mantra. Our partners are selected with the greatest care, both for their expertise and (especially) their production standards. We refuse to compromise when it comes to quality and the preservation of the environment.

PULLIN employees love to ski, skateboard, run, swim, golf, play pétanque...We live healthy lifestyles that fully incorporate our surroundings. It is only natural that our work also be defined by these values.

All PULLIN underwear is made entirely in Europe
  • The elastic bands are stitched in France or Italy on hundred-year-old weaving looms.
  • Our white, plain color, and decorative fabrics come from Italy or Spain.
  • All printing is done in France or in Spain.
  • All PULLIN underwear is carefully manufactured and inspected in Portugal at an undergarment specialist who has been our partner since 1999.
All PULLIN underwear is made entirely in Europe
All PULLIN underwear is made entirely in Europe
DENING® - Exclusive know-how for a one-of-a-kind product

All PULLIN DENING® apparel is meticulously manufactured by our partner in Tunisia, who specializes in the production of denim and boasts over 40 years of experience in the field.

We’ve put a lot of effort into this plant, which now contains a genuine R&D laboratory and a fully-integrated production system.
As each step in the manufacturing of our DENING® apparel is performed in this plant, we are able to enjoy constant control over the production process.

The plant observes only the highest production standards, prohibiting any processes which are harmful to human health (fading via the projection of sand) and reducing its environmental impact through the use of an in-house treatment station that recycles water. PULLIN selects the very best fabrics for these products, from some of the most renowned denim producers in Europe (ISKO® and TUSA in Turkey, Santanderina in Spain, TRC in Italy...).

All DENING® fabrics are “ULTRA STRETCH,” with some possessing elasticity levels of over 80% for unmatched comfort, outstanding body shape memory, and the roomiest of fits.

PULLIN selvedge elastic bands are exclusively woven in France on hundred-year-old weaving looms.

Our DENING® apparel, which combines “ULTRA STRETCH” fabrics and underwear style elastic bands, is the fruit of several years of research and development.

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