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The textile industry will never be 100% sustainable.

We can however revolutionize the industry to help protect our planet. At PULLIN, we’re proving daily that it’s possible to change, reinvent, and move closer to a profitable and environmentally friendly business model by adopting a few SIMPLE yet RADICAL measures.

« It's time to face the facts - we’re a long way from utopia. We must take action now by creating a new business model with greater consideration for our wellbeing - and that of our planet. »

Emmanuel LOHÉAC 
CEO/Founder of PULLIN

High-performance tools
9,600 products a year saved from destruction!

Sample Not For Sale

A mandatory feature of the samples of new collections, this label perfectly summarizes the exorbitant amount of waste produced by the textile industry.

We’ve replaced our product samples (around 10,000 per year, all destined for destruction) with product combinations (around 400/year) and digital images for all our collections.

This has allowed us to drastically reduce the number of unusable products destined for destruction, as well as cut back on material losses associated with samples, water and energy consumption, transportation and logistical requirements (and the pollution caused by them), and costs incurred during the production of our collections.

Eco-friendly packaging
recyclable brown Kraft paper
Better CSR

Eco-friendly packaging

Early 2020 we plan on replacing our plastic underwear packaging with recyclable cardboard (representing a decrease of 9 tons of plastic per year), and will continue to replace any plastic packaging materials required to protect our products with recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable plastic. Our boutiques did away with disposable plastic bags years ago, opting instead for recyclable brown Kraft paper. Keep the use of single-use plastics to a minimum: a common practice at Pullin for several years now.

By opting for local distribution channels for our French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Tunisian suppliers, we can monitor the CSR of each of our partners with complete transparency.

We’ve expected nothing less for the past 20 years.


Eliminate overproduction and « fast fashion:» sell less, better, and to more people to create a premium and coherent business that benefits the greater good. We must overcome our obsession with deals and promotions which continually require overstocking and thus generate more pollution.

We must also make consumers aware of their own responsibilities by restoring fair prices, and reduce waste by no longer offering cheap, single-use textile products. More than anything else, Pullin has built its reputation on the quality and durability of its products.

Our collections
a charity sale


Made in collaboration with two associations, we organized a charity sale in support of children which spared 30,000 products from destruction. As a result of this auction, we were able to donate €22,780 to Kiwanis France and the Soraya Foundation in Indonesia. The auctioned items were handed out to disadvantaged children in the Ivory Coast by members of the association. And while such an initiative requires personal time and investment, the benefits were tangible and felt at once!


We’re proud to participate with REFOREST'ACTION in this initiative, the results of which prove Pullin is taking concrete actions to protect the planet.

We have already planted 10,000 trees with Reforest'Action (e.g. 2019/2020: 3,000 in Brazil, 3,000 in Tanzania, and 1,000 in France, Portugal, Spain, and Italy) and allow all our customers, fans, and followers to participate in the initiative by giving them the possibility to plant their own trees, for what could be more important for regulating our climate and protecting biodiversity.

10 001 trees planted by PULLIN in her/his forest
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Steve Mc Queen

« When I believe in something, I fight like hell for it » Steve Mc Queen

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